Know how data is flowing throughout your organization. Never be stuck when an auditor or regulator asks you to prove, at a field level, where your data came from.

  • View your entire Data Lineage in a single graphical view

  • Satisfy auditors in minutes or hours, not days or months​

  • Point-in-time or ever-green Data Lineage, simply

  • Field AND interface-level Data Lineage

  • Trace specific data values, processed at specific times, through your company’s web of interfaces

Data Lineage is an increasingly-critical component in an organizations approach to data management. If you do not understand what data is moving throughout your organization, where it is being stored, and how it is ultimately used, it is impossible to have proper ownership and data governance. Many of the best data lineage tools allow companies to identify the storage aspects of data, but few offer an evergreen view of data lineage by seeing and understanding data-in-motion. Emissary’s automated data lineage allows data lineage tracking based on the movement of data across an organization, not where data is static, sitting, or stored. With EmissaryTM, Chief Data Officers (CDO), Chief Technology Officers (CTO), Chief Information Officers (CIO), or anyone across the organization can visualize and understand the lineage of data within their company.

Unfortunately, most companies do not have a good handle on their data, let along the movement of data across the organization. Data lineage tools often approach lineage from a data storage perspective, as opposed to how data is moving within an organization. The inevitably leads to questions about data use and complicated or misunderstands about how data is connected across systems. A more effective way of understanding data use is to tackle the issue of data lineage the way that EmissaryTM views it: through the lens of data flow and data integration.

Data is increasingly viewed as an asset at companies, instead of just another element of doing business. There is value in understanding data flow and use fully within an organization. Only once data’s use is understood can companies extract deep insights from not only the data, but the meta-data that surrounds it. With the approach to data lineage that Mt. Airy Technologies has taken, automated data lineage is available to companies as a byproduct of creating data integrations between systems.