Reconciliation and data comparison are not the same thing. To reconcile, you need do to much more than a simple point-in-time comparison. There are other considerations, including the business workflow, researching and handling exceptions, generating offsets, tracking totals, and more.

EmissaryTM is a true enterprise solution. We offer a tool that has the capability and functionality to become a key part of your business and process. Matching data from two or more sources can be done both automatically or manually, with in-tool functionality that allows for many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many matching. Loading and tracking balances, user-defined match confidence levels, support for offsets and general ledger processing, as well as integrated source data correction are all supported.

All of this in a solution that is both sophisticated enough for a technical user but also simple enough for a non-technical user to use every single day!

Gone are the days of needing IT resources to help build data reconciliations. EmissaryTM was designed by business users who understand the challenges of reconciling data and the need for a solution that requires no IT involvement (unless you want it!). Online reconciliation of any kind of data is not only possible, it’s become the primary way of getting the job done.

With EmissaryTM, non-technical (or technical, if you’d like!) users can perform very complex comparisons of data with no code. All of our matching rules are built using plain-English! Even better, EmissaryTM will build matching rules for you, based on its own analysis of your data! We have gone to great length to have EmissaryTM do the work of building reconciliations for you!