Rapid Interface Development

Interfaces that develop themselves.  Using Machine Learning, we continue to develop solutions that practically build interfaces themselves.

Every business needs to connect systems to one another. That often means building dozens, potentially hundreds, of interfaces between systems. That takes time. It’s expensive. It can be difficult to support.

EmissaryTM can serve as the backbone for any system interface needed. It’s ability to quickly transform data from disparate sources and into virtually any output speeds development of interfaces and can save time and money. Often, companies are advised to move away from point-to-point interfaces and instead employ a hub-and-spoke model, receiving data into a single “hub” and send it out via that same “hub.” EmissaryTM was built with that model in mind, allowing it to serve as an interface hub to all of your systems and external parties.

Companies are moving to a model where they no longer build and support their internal interfaces. Instead, they are leveraging EmissaryTM‘s capabilities to be their system interface, provided to them as a service. And they are finding that it is helping them do it more quickly than they imagined.

Rapid interface development is achievable through the use of EmissaryTM. Let’s be honest, interface development has become a commodity. It is necessary, but it is also a time-consuming effort. When you factor in the tens or hundreds of thousands of interfaces that have already been developed, often including the specific interface YOU need to develop next, you should question why you are developing THAT new interface from scratch. With EmissaryTM, not only has the groundwork already been laid, but through the use of ML and AI, we can often build the majority of the interface for you! Oftentimes, users simply need to confirm that what EmissaryTM has created is accurate!

With a cutting-edge integration tool like EmissaryTM, your interfaces can be developed in minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months that it can take to develop them from scratch. If you have IT resources. If those resources are available. If you have budget. Stop wasting time and resources developing custom from-scratch interfaces! Your time is better spent focusing on your particular business. Let us focus on integrating your systems!