Data is rarely clean or in the format that you need it when you bring it into your organization. EmissaryTM has a user-friendly interface that allows very complex (or simple!) data transformations to be performed. We will guide you through transforming data into formats that make sense for you to consume, compare, and process.

  • Reformat data fields

  • Perform calculations using one or more data fields

  • Strip out unwanted characters

  • Use If/Then/Else statements and other functions or operators

  • Full audit of all data transformation changes, at a field level

Emissary’s no-code data transformation rules make ETL tasks easier than other data transformation tools. Whether you are looking for data transformation in data mining, want to improve your data transformation process, or simply want to simplify how your ETL process works, EmissaryTM can make things easier! Gone are the days where data transformation has to be done by technical, IT resources.

We put the power of data transformation into the hands of non-technical business users. After all, it’s those users who typically best understand the data itself and how it needs to be used. It makes sense that they would be the ones working to transform the data in the most meaningful way.